Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Who will save Dixon ??

****** UPDATE - THURSDAY MARCH 16TH ******

Sadly, it has been found that Dixon is no longer listed as available for adoption with his country's government.  While it seems it is too late to save Dixon, there are still many many more older children facing the same fate.  
If you are interested in adopting an older, aging out child, please go HERE to see them.

  The child closest to aging out is CHAD - he has mere weeks before he ages out.
Chad collage 1

 Please, see Chad and all of the others, please share them as much as Dixon was shared in the past couple of days, and lets save as many as we can !!

*********** UPDATE - THURSDAY MARCH 16TH ***********

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This post is a plea for help - a plea for someone to step up and literally save a life.

Dixon is almost 16 years old, and has mere days before he ages out and is no longer eligible for adoption.

Dixon has Down Syndrome.

Dixon has never known the love of a family, and never will unless a  major miracle happens in the next 8 days - without a family he will spend the rest of his life in an institution, unloved and alone.

While it isn't possible to complete his adoption by the time he ages out, it IS possible to keep him eligible for adoption - all a family needs to do is file an I-800A before his birthday on March 22nd.  The family doesn't even need to be homestudy ready !!

Dixon is eligible for a $15,000 adoption grant !!!!!!!

Also - if a family steps forward for him by March 22nd, a donor will PAY THE USCIS fees for that family.
There is also a dedicated Family Warrior through Reece's Rainbow who will help the family by sharing their fundraising needs and helping in any way they are able !!

I need every one of you to see Dixon today.

Somewhere out there, someone who one of YOU knows will see Dixon and say "SON".

Maybe that someone is you.
Maybe that someone is a family member, or a friend.
Maybe that someone is a distant relative who you only keep in touch with through social media.
Maybe that someone is a work colleague, who you kind of sort of know, but don't know TOO well, other than posts on Facebook.
Maybe that someone attends your church.
Maybe that someone is a follower of yours on Twitter, or Instagram, or they read your blog.
Maybe that someone goes to school with you, or are the parents of a child your children attend school with.
Maybe that someone is in a Facebook group with you - a group totally unconnected to adoption - maybe a local garage sale group, or one local to your city, or a hobby you enjoy.

How will you ever know - if you don't share Dixon ?
YOU could be the person who shares Dixon and saves Dixon.

Just by hitting the share button on your Facebook page - or copying and pasting the link to this blog, or his profile, onto Twitter - or in another Facebook group - YOU could be instrumental in saving Dixon from life - and probably death - in an institution.

Please, before you do anything else today - please share Dixon.
Share him everywhere you can think of - for I know that his family IS out there - and, between us, we WILL find them before it it too late.

You can share this blog, or just share the link to his profile below - just copy and paste. You can also clock on his name anywhere in this post, and you will be taken directly to his profile at Reece's Rainbow.


Dixon is eligible for a $15,000 adoption grant !!!!!!!

If a family steps forward for him by March 22nd, a donor will PAY THE USCIS fees for that family.
There is also a dedicated Family Warrior through Reece's Rainbow who will help the family by sharing their adoption fundraising needs and helping in any way they are able !!

Thank you.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Siblings for Adoption

Did you know that there are many groups of siblings listed with Reece's Rainbow who are available for adoption ?

Today, I will highlight all of the sibling groups that include an older child (over the age of 10). 
Please take a look at these children - older does NOT mean less worthy !! 

If you click on any name, you will be taken to their profile at Reece's Rainbow, where you can read all that is known about them.
















Brothers (4)


40331220722 (3)40331221003 (2)



23 sets of siblings.
55 children.
All are eligible for an Older Child grant !! 
The Older Child grant is currently being rebuilt - if you would like to donate, please go HERE.

These kids have SO much stacked against them - they are older, have special needs AND want to stay with their brothers and sisters !!
If you have ever thought about adoption - please consider one of these sibling sets.
If not you - then who ??

If you are not in a position to adopt -  please share these children - you can share this post, or pick your favorite sibling set to share.
Please - do SOMETHING.
If not YOU - then who ??

Please, if you are a praying person, pray for these children - do whatever you can to get them seen, to get them found by their family.
If not you, then WHO ?