Saturday, February 11, 2017

Siblings for Adoption

Did you know that there are many groups of siblings listed with Reece's Rainbow who are available for adoption ?

Today, I will highlight all of the sibling groups that include an older child (over the age of 10). 
Please take a look at these children - older does NOT mean less worthy !! 

If you click on any name, you will be taken to their profile at Reece's Rainbow, where you can read all that is known about them.
















Brothers (4)


40331220722 (3)40331221003 (2)



23 sets of siblings.
55 children.
All are eligible for an Older Child grant !! 
The Older Child grant is currently being rebuilt - if you would like to donate, please go HERE.

These kids have SO much stacked against them - they are older, have special needs AND want to stay with their brothers and sisters !!
If you have ever thought about adoption - please consider one of these sibling sets.
If not you - then who ??

If you are not in a position to adopt -  please share these children - you can share this post, or pick your favorite sibling set to share.
Please - do SOMETHING.
If not YOU - then who ??

Please, if you are a praying person, pray for these children - do whatever you can to get them seen, to get them found by their family.
If not you, then WHO ?

Saturday, February 4, 2017

What CAN I do ? Part 2

First things first - if you haven't read Part 1 - please head HERE so you don't miss out !!

While I scream and yell about the plight of disabled kids in orphanages and institutions,  I also spend time following the stories of children who have been adopted from these places. 
I see children who were once mere shadows, children who absolutely blossom once living with their new family.  

I see what these kids CAN do, once given a chance, once living a normal life.

Below, you will see children who are still waiting - children who are, as we speak, living in orphanages and institutions around the world, waiting for a family to see them, to rescue them, to give them a chance.

You will also see children who were either born into a loving family, or who were adopted from similar orphanages.

You will see what these children CAN do, and what the waiting children COULD do, given the chance !

These children wait.
HollyLianna updateGrayson ellen

THESE children LIVE - LOVE - and are loved.

THESE children wait.
 Frederick41128135744 Chloe (1)Nevaeh (1)

THESE children LIVE - and PLAY

 THESE children live in cribs

THESE children enjoy FREEDOM

NO child should spend their lives wasting away, hidden in institutions in isolated villages.

ALL children deserve a LIFE.

Please - see what these children CAN do.

YOU can make a difference.
Even if you can't adopt - you CAN advocate - you CAN shout.

Highlighted below are just two children who are waiting for a family.
 Please see these children  - share these children - and help find them a family !!

Genevieve is 11 years old, and has Down Syndrome. She loves to dance and sing - and is also very helpful to the nannies. Please read her profile at Reece's Rainbow for more information. Genevieve is eligible for a $15,000 adoption grant !!!
Aurora is almost 14 -  if she is NOT adopted by her 14th birthday, she will NO LONGER be able to be adopted. The rest of her life will be spent in an institution. She turns 14 in MAY this year (2017).
Aurora (1)
Aurora sounds like an amazing young lady - there is lots of information about her on her profile at Reece's Rainbow - she sounds like an absolute sweetheart - and I just know she would thrive in a family of her very own !!
Aurora, too, is eligible for an older child grant.

Please share Genevieve and Aurora, let's get them found, so they, too, can enjoy everything a family has to offer !!

To see hundreds more children waiting for a family, please go to Reece's Rainbow.