Tuesday, July 12, 2016

For Cameron.

Can you do me a favor ? 
It's really easy - take a look at the photos below, and tell me what you think all the children pictured have in common.
  41214130041_4     Ginny (3) 
Any ideas ?
Here's a clue - they are aged between the ages of 1 and 11 years - and they all have special needs of one kind or another.
Still don't know ?
Need more clues ?
OK - all of these children were listed on Reece's Rainbow as available for international adoption.
   Ginny (3)
Look at them again - try and see through their adorable little faces, their beautiful smiles and their all round cuteness.
Did you figure it out ?
No ?
The sad fact is that these children are all dead.
All of these children passed away recently.
They all died living in orphanages and institutions.
Some of them had families committed to adopting them, but, tragically, they didn't get them out in time.
Most of them had no-one.
They all died alone, with no mommy or daddy to hold their hands, no-one to comfort them as they lay dying, no-one to tell them how very much they were loved. 
They never had a chance.
Had they been adopted in time, chances are they would still be alive - they would have had access to adequate food and medical care - they would have had families able to get them to the doctor when sick, instead of languishing in a crib until it was too late.
As mentioned above - some of these children had families who were in the process to adopt them.  I cannot imagine the pain they are going through right now, mourning the loss of a child they had yet to meet. 
Please, if you are a praying person, cover these families in prayer ?
These children are the ones we know about - children that we learned had passed away just this year.
In all, Reece's Rainbow have lost 69 waiting children in the past 10 years.
If you are prepared for your heart to be broken, go HERE to see them all.
As an advocate, it is sometimes so very hard to know WHO to shout for.
The children listed for adoption on Reece's Rainbow are ALL desperate for a family - death is waiting around the corner for each and every child.
While it's too late to shout for Cameron, Judah, Cristoff, Beckett, Kolya, Seth and Ginny, there are so many more children just like them.
Children living in orphanages and institutions who need YOU.
They need you to keep on shouting, to share their need, to donate to their adoption fund, to get them SEEN.
I'll be honest.
I've been quiet recently.  Every now and then, I become disheartened - I share on Facebook, I write my blogs, I fundraiser for adoption grants - and yet, it seems, that no-one is listening. 
I get to the point where I feel that it's all a huge waste of my time, that nothing I can do or say can possibly make a difference.
Then I read about a child dying.  Then another.  Then today, yet another.
Cameron was just 5 years old, and had multiple special needs.
He was recently transferred from the baby orphanage to an institution.
Sadly, once transferred, many children don't survive - they receive less care - there are more children and less staff - they just don't have a chance.

This blog is dedicated to advocating for the older children, aged 10 and above.

Most children are transferred to an institution around the age of 4 or 5 - so the children I shout for have been living in desperate conditions for at least half of their lives.

These children are truly living on borrowed time - and while there are some institutions that are better than others, these kids still need out - they still need families, friends, LOVE, medical care, education and therapies.

ALL of the children aged over the age of 10 listed on Reece's Rainbow are eligible for a $10,000 adoption grant !!

You can see all of the children with Down Syndrome HERE.

HERE are all the children with disabilities other than Down Syndrome - the "Other Angels" of Reece's Rainbow.

If you have managed to read this far, I thank you - I know I tend to ramble at times - but today, in Cameron's honor, I want to share a few more children with you. 
These children have cerebral palsy, like Cameron, but are several years older. 

Please see these children - share them - consider them for adoption - pray for them - do something, today, for these children who have waited far, far too long for a family of their own. 

You can click on their name to read their profile at Reece's Rainbow.

Y (2)

Liam 2014 (2)




These are just a few of the children listed - please go to Reece's Rainbow to see many many more.
Please pick a child today, and shout for that child as much as possible.
Please don't let Cameron's death be in vain - please help me get these children seen, let's get them found, let's get them HOME !!
For Cameron.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Please See Andruis Today !

I'd like to talk to you about a wonderful young man called Andruis.
He was born on New Year's Eve in the year 2000, in a country where disabilities are not celebrated.  I don't know the exact circumstances of his birth, but chances are that when he was born with Down Syndrome, the doctors urged his parents to leave him and forget about him. 
His parents were probably told that he would never amount to anything, that they wouldn't afford his care, and that they should go home and try for another child.  While this seems harsh in this day and age, we have to remember that it wasn't all that long ago that parents in the United Kingdom, USA and other so called civilized countries were told the very same thing.  Not only were the children confined to institutions, they were also experimented on, as if they were animals. 
Thankfully, this state of affairs has changed in recent years in many countries, and children with disabilities are now, on the whole, treated just like, well, children !  It is my hope that in time, other countries will also change their views, and that all children around the world will be valued, however many chromosomes they may have.
Sadly, Andruis is running out of time.
U.S. Immigration laws do not currently allow the international adoption of children over the age of 16 years. This means that Andruis has less than
7 months
to find a family. 
While it is true that he lives in a "family style" group at his institution, he still doesn't have a family.  He does attend a nearby school for children with special needs, and participates in many activities and therapies.
However, at the age of 21 he will move to the adult wing of the same institution, and will spend the rest of his life there.
Andruis deserves so much more.
He deserves a family.
As well as having Down Syndrome, Andruis is hearing impaired - a family who could teach him sign language, and give him the opportunity to communicate, would open up his world to a whole new level !!
Please click HERE to read more about Andruis - another family adopted from his institution a couple of years ago, so there is quite a lot of information about him, thankfully.
Also - and this is HUGE - he has a $21,559.50 adoption grant available to help pay the cost of his adoption !!!!!
Please see Andruis today.
Please share him - share his profile on Reece's Rainbow - share this blog - shout about him - get him SEEN  !!!
Please don't let him age out, never to know the love of a mommy or daddy.
Please see Andruis today.

Friday, June 3, 2016

"If Not You, Then Who ?" - T-Shirts for Older Other Angels

If you haven't read this blog before, here is it's purpose in a nutshell.
Older kids with special needs.
Around the world.
Living in institutions.
Unloved. Uncared for.
Families needed.
Adoption grants needed.
Donate to Reece's Rainbow.
Help the kids come home.
The older children (age over the age of 10 years) have a grant pool available through Reece's Rainbow to help fund their adoptions.  There are two pools - one for the children with Down Syndrome, one for children with other special needs.  When a family commits to adopting any of these children, they will receive a $10,000 grant to help with adoption expenses !!
Currently, the pool for children with Down Syndrome has $510,000, which will help fund 51 adoptions.
The pool for children with other special needs has $262,000, which will help fund 26 adoptions.
While these may seem like huge numbers, they will quickly dwindle as children are chosen for adoption.  The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness of the waiting children, and to garner donations to the older children's grant pools.
These older children need a family before they turn 16, otherwise they will spend their lives either in an institution, or on the streets.
They have a variety of special needs - anywhere from a minor birth defect such as a cleft lip - to severe disabilities that render them bedridden in the institutions.

These children need a family to help them live a normal life, just like you or I, just like YOUR children.

ShirleyNanci (1)Kathleen 2015Alisha June 2013
I would truly appreciate it of you would consider buying one of these t-shirts.
I had them designed specifically to raise the grant pool of the older children with special needs - the Other Angels on Reece's Rainbow. 
However, I also picked this design so that it isn't specific to adoption. 
It can be worn by anyone who has a cause that they are passionate about !!
 It is available in several colors (if there's a color you would like but don't see, just ask).


 Now that you've chosen your color, here's a little about these shirts. 
They are "nice and soft" shirts, which tend to run a bit snug - more than regular shirt brands because they are light weight, and tend to cling to the body more.  If you are on the fence about sizing, it is suggested that you go up a size.
The shirt is available in adult sizes XS - 4XL
As stated before, all profits from the sale of this shirt will go to the Other Angels Grant Pool, so feel free to buy a few of them !!
These shirts will be just $21 !!!!
In order for this to work, I will need payment to my personal Paypal account - I will then pay for the shirts, and all profit will be donated directly to the Older Angels Grant Pool.
ALSO - I need to sell a minimum of 13 shirts in order for them to print.  I will run this campaign for 2 weeks, until June 17th.  If I do not have the minimum amount of shirts ordered, I will refund your money at that time. 
If I DO have at least 13 shirts ordered, it will then take 7-11 days for Fund the Nations to print and ship the shirts to me. I will then ship them to you. I am planning on covering shipping myself, in order to maximize the profit for the children. If you would like to throw in a couple of extra dollars for shipping, that would be gratefully appreciated.
So - to order - make payment to my Paypal account - my e-mail for payments is pieapple @ aol.com  (no gaps, and no n).  My last name is Pohl.
I have specifically designed these shirts so they will work for ANYONE who has a cause - so if you know someone who is passionate about ANYTHING, please show them this shirt (or buy one for them !!). 
Please also share this post, let's get as many sold as possible !!
Lastly -this is my first time doing a t-shirt fundraiser, so hopefully I have covered all pertinent information above. If I have forgotten anything, please let me know !!
THANK YOU  !!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chewbacca Lady

If you spend any time on the Internet, I have no doubt that you have seen the now famous Chewbacca Mask video, of a lady unboxing her mask and laughing hysterically.  I'll admit, I didn't see it until today - but apparently the video went uber viral, and a gazillion people have seen it.  Did it make ME laugh ?  Yes !!  Who wouldn't laugh along with her - she looks like an absolutely wonderful woman, and it was good, clean, fun.  Since her little video, she has become an overnight success, and no doubt is truly enjoying her new found fame.  Her name is Candace Payne - and I wish her the best in everything she does !

The reason I mention her and Chewbacca, though, is a little something she said right at the end of her video - "It's the simple joys..."   It really is - it's the little things in this life that make it so wonderful.  For Candace, on that particular day, it was seeing herself wearing a Star Wars mask.  On any other day, it would be something completely different (though I do believe that Candace finds joy in many many little things !).  What do YOU see joy in every day ?

 What little thing makes YOU happy ?  It could be anything - waking up in the morning and hearing the rain on the window - or waking up and seeing the sun shine through the window.. 

It could be the sight of your children getting off the school bus - or, maybe, seeing them get ON the bus in the morning ?  It could be the smell of a tiny infant - or a flower - or the earth after a thunderstorm. 

 Maybe coffee. Or donuts. 
 It could be hearing your favorite song on the radio - or talking to a friend - or the giggle of a child. 

There are so many big things in this life that keep us occupied - our jobs, the mortgage, all the bills, the car that broke down, the groceries that need buying, the politics constantly in the media, the tragedies around the world - sometimes those big things just seem so, so overwhelming, that we let the little things pass us by. 

Sometimes, we just don't stop to smell the roses - we don't appreciate the wonderful things in our lives, the things right under our noses. 

Take a moment, right now, and think about what is most important in your life right now.  What gives you pleasure more than anything else ??

Do you think about possessions - stuff - material things ?
Is it your house, your car, the latest gadget ?

Or do you think about the people in your life ?

Your family and friends are, surely, the most important things in your life.
If you have children, I would imagine that they are the ones that give you the greatest pleasure in life. Children - whether your own, or others you spend time with - truly know how to appreciate the simple joys in life.

Every day is a day of discovery for children - they see more, experience more, feel more - every single day.  Show an adult a puddle, and they'll walk around it or over it.  Show a child a puddle, and they will spend a crazy amount of time jumping, splashing, laughing and basically thinking that that puddle is the best thing ever.  Having said that - if you watch THIS video, you will see a child (my son several years ago) and an adult (my mum) enjoying jumping in puddles together ! 

I was a childcare provider for 14 years, and saw children enjoy the simple joys every single day.  There was always something to discover, whether it was a puddle, a bug, a flower, a new toy - or a new way of playing with an old toy - whatever it is, there is nothing better than seeing life through the eyes of a child.
Children need to explore, to touch, to smell, to see, to experience life in order to grow.
They need to be able to move around, to feel the wind in their hair and the rain on their heads.
Children need these things as much as they need the air that they breath and the food that they eat.
Children need to experience the simple joys, for that, after all, is what childhood is all about - the simple joys of a mother's hug, of hearing "I love you", of just being a child.
Jotham Photo 2 Oct-2014
Morris pic

The children pictured above - and many, many more, were abandoned by their families because they were unable to care for them.  In many countries, children with special needs are more of a burden than a blessing, and families are encouraged to give them up rather than try and raise them. There are few resources, so the children do not receive therapies or education.
Children who spend their lives in a crib, or in an orphanage - or, worse, an institution - don't get to experience the simple joys in life.  They may never get to catch raindrops in their hands, or feel the grass beneath their feet.  They may never get to play with a baby doll, or a toy car or teddy bear.  They may never touch cold snow, wibbly jello or rough bark on a tree.  They may never be hugged, or kissed or just gently touched by a loving hand.
These kids need OUT.
They need families.
They need homes.
They need love.
They need the chance to laugh hysterically at something - anything - just like Chewbacca mom - they need the freedom to be themselves, to be children, and to enjoy the simple joys of life.
Please SEE these children - these older children who are, first and foremost, still kids, ready to experience life outside of the four walls they live in.
To read more about the international adoption of children with special needs, please check out Reece's Rainbow.
For more information - and to donate to the Older Child Grant Pool, please go HERE for children with Down Syndrome, and HERE for children with other special needs. 
Please do whatever you can to get these kids seen, so they can find their families and start enjoying the simple joys in this wonderful world of ours !!!